Sunday, January 5, 2020

Jane Recalls a Memorable Day 'Singing to Combat Seasickness'

Over several years, our good friend Vic Stimson from the RNLI arranged for the Tavy Tars to sing on the Scillonian on a day trip to St Mary’s.
The weather was kind on the outward sailing to Scilly in September 2015 and we were able to sing on the deck - an exhilarating experience. But our return crossing later in the day was a different story, the wind had got up and the sea was unfriendly..!  Unable to stand steadily, we wedged ourselves to a handrail at the front of the lounge, and sang as lustily as we could to an unhappy captive audience.  It worked for me, never a good sailor, I was too focused on staying upright whilst playing and singing to feel sick.  I think we did a good service for our fellow passengers that day - the RNLI benefitted from a good collection as they alighted in Penzance.
Sadly, Vic died a few years ago and with him our link to the Scillonian.