Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tavy Tars at Bere Ferrers Social Club

A last minute cancellation on 13th October by the visiting Shanty Crew, Press Gang, from Mevagissey could have meant disaster but for the timely intervention by local Bere Ferrers musicians.  The Tavy Tars kicked the evening off with their usual rollicking sea shanties combined with contrasting lyrical songs from the sea.  They were followed by local harp builder Tim Hamson who gave a wonderful performance of early Vivaldi music written for the mandolin.  He was playing a replica he had built of an 18th century Welsh triple harp.   Later in the evening, Ferrers Reel gave us a lively delivery of various jigs and reels.  The evening closed with the Tavy Tars leading a vigorous singalong, the audience raising their voices with gusto.

A purpose of the event was for the Tavy Tars to present money they had raised over the past two years to their chosen charities.  This included over £1500 being shared between the RNLI, TASS, St Luke’s Hospice and Help For Heroes.

Presentations being made