Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tars at the Wharf in Tavistock

Tars are expected to be a hardy lot, facing storms, disease, lousy food and long absences from home without complaint. But our resilience was put to the test on the 18th October when we were performing at The Wharf in Tavistock. What we hadn’t appreciated was that:

·       The Highways Agency were resurfacing the main road through Tavistock and had closed the Wharf car park, so nowhere for us (or the audience) to leave our transport

·       On the same evening, and just down the road in the parish church, the “Military Wives Choir “were doing a fund raising concert, to a full house

But we toughed it out! And there were enough people who couldn’t get tickets for the “Military Wives Choir” to give us an appreciative audience for our one hour set.

If you enjoy live music and can get to Tavistock, The Wharf Arts Centre is a great venue and holds its “Acoustic CafĂ©” on the third Thursday of every month, showcasing local talent.