Thursday, February 14, 2019

Tavy Tars and Kit Hillbillies Joint Rehearsal

The Kit Hillbillies joined Tavy Tars at a joint rehearsal last night in Bere Ferrers for our previously mentioned joint show. 
We will be doing a joint 'Songs of Mayhem' event on 8 March at Calstock Hall. This will be a good night.
Check out The KHB Facebook page for more information.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Shanty Singers meet Bluegrass- Advance Notice

Tars are looking forward to an evening shared with the Kit Hillbillies at Calstock Village Hall on Friday 8th March.
The Tars will be performing their own set as will the Kit Hillbillies.  This will be followed by a joint session where both groups come together to perform some rousing numbers.
This promises to be a great evening-don't miss it!
Ticketing details to follow.

The Kit Hillbillies play a great mix of bluegrass, Americana, country and old time music.
Watch them here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tavy Tars at Bere Ferrers Social Club

A last minute cancellation on 13th October by the visiting Shanty Crew, Press Gang, from Mevagissey could have meant disaster but for the timely intervention by local Bere Ferrers musicians.  The Tavy Tars kicked the evening off with their usual rollicking sea shanties combined with contrasting lyrical songs from the sea.  They were followed by local harp builder Tim Hamson who gave a wonderful performance of early Vivaldi music written for the mandolin.  He was playing a replica he had built of an 18th century Welsh triple harp.   Later in the evening, Ferrers Reel gave us a lively delivery of various jigs and reels.  The evening closed with the Tavy Tars leading a vigorous singalong, the audience raising their voices with gusto.

A purpose of the event was for the Tavy Tars to present money they had raised over the past two years to their chosen charities.  This included over £1500 being shared between the RNLI, TASS, St Luke’s Hospice and Help For Heroes.

Presentations being made

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Teignmouth Shanty Festival

29th September saw us at the first Teignmouth Shanty Festival.  We did a couple of venues, one at the Teignmouth Corinthian YC and another over the water in Shaldon at the London Inn.
This festival was very well organised and the hospitality was excellent.  Thank you to all concerned.

On stage at the Yacht Club.  Photo by Rosie

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Shanty Special is Coming

Friday, August 3, 2018

Falmouth review from Steve, our newest Tar

We passed something of a milestone at the Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival this year in that it was our tenth consecutive appearance! Once again the sun shone and an estimated 50,000 revellers packed the streets to enjoy a wide range of talent from all over the world. The crowd included scores of visitors from a very large cruise liner berthed at County Wharf very close to the Skinners Stage on Custom House Quay. Beer and pasties were enjoyed by all the crew between performances at the Skinners Stage, 5 Degrees West, The Grapes, Toast and The Games Room. Many junior members of the audience on Custom House Quay joined in and danced with us in front of the stage. They really seemed to enjoy the rollicking rhythms of Take me In Your Lifeboat, our version of Whip Jamboree, Johnny Come Down To Hilo, Yankee Clipper  and many other of our favourite songs. We in turn, thoroughly enjoyed many of the less familiar songs reverberating around the town from venues indoors and outdoors, large and small. A wonderful weekend shared with some wonderful folks!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Coastliners Festival 21st April

Tavy Tars plan to be here!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Coastliners Festival Poole 21 April

Here is our message to the organisers of the Event!

Second Gig of Tars 2018 Toilet Tour

Flushed with the success of the fundraiser for the toilet project in St Andrews Church Bere Ferrers a couple of weeks ago, the Tars did the second gig of the the 2018 Toilet Tour in Calstock last evening.
The objective was to raise funds for disabled toilets in Calstock Hall and the organisers were well pleased with the sum of over £500 raised. Additionally, nearly £60 was raised for the RNLI through a collection bucket and CD sales.
The hall was packed with an enthusiastic audience which ensured that the evening went very well with no danger of going down the pan.
Will the 2018 Toilet Tour have a third gig we ask ourselves??  Team suggestions have included such worthy local locations as Looe, Flushing and Crapstone.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Tars Lineup February 2018

Photo courtesy of Rosie Hinge

This photograph was taken at the Tavy Tars singalong session at the Olde Plough Inn on 1st February 2018.  The event was sold out and a good donation was raised for the toilet/kitchen project at St Andrew's Church.

From L-R:   Robin, Clive, Bruce, Steve, Mike, Doug, Ian, Rob and Jane